Welcome to SignOnService


What is SignOnService?

signonservice.com means that in future you will only have to register once centrally and you will then be able to utilise all of our partner services with one single account.


How does this work?

You register on one of our partner portals and activate the account with the activation e-mail. You can now use all portals which utilise SignOnService with one account without needing to register again.


The advantages?

  • Register just once to enjoy various services
  • One user name and one password for various portals – you can thus keep track of things
  • You can save time with the central account management – for example if your e-mail address changes, you only need to change it once in your user account for all portals
  • Log in once and register on the affiliated partner sites with one click


Which portals are involved?

Further portals will be participating in the future.


Who am I entrusting my data to?

The organisation behind SignOnService.com is MairDumont GmbH & Co. KG (MairDumont for short), which is based in Ostfildern, Germany, and operates among other sites the popular mobility portal Falk.de. MairDumont guarantees that it will handle your data correctly, responsibly and in accordance with the law.


Is the service offered by SignOnService.com free of charge?

Yes, the registration service is free of charge (and will always remain so).


I have forgotten my access data

Please click on “Forgotten password” and use our password service. After specifying your e-mail address, we will send an e-mail to you at this address containing a link to our website on which you can simply create your new password.


I want to change my e-mail address, the nickname or my password

Once you have logged in, you can manage your account under your account overview on the “Account overview” tab and make the changes you want.


I would like to delete a specific profile from a partner portal

The enabled profiles which are linked to SignOnService.com will be deleted directly on our partner portals.


I would like to delete my entire user account

Under the “Account overview” tab you will find under the “Actions” category the link for irrevocably deleting your entire user account including all portal profiles and the data they contain.